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About A Star Is Born (2018)

A Star Is Born is a 2018 American musical drama produced and directed by Bradley Cooper, in his directorial debut. Cooper also wrote the script with Will Fetters and Eric Roth. A new version of the 1937 film of the same name, starring Cooper, Lady Gaga, Andrew Clay Dice, Dave Chappelle and Sam Elliott, and follows a country musician drinking (Cooper) who discovers and falls in love with a young singer ( Gaga). It marks the third remake of the original film of 1937 (that counted on Janet Gaynor and Fredric March), that was adapted in a musical of 1954 (carried out by Judy Garland and James Mason) and soon remade like a musical of 1976 with Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson.


A Star Is Born

The talks of a third remake of A Star Is Born began in 2011 with Clint Eastwood tied to direct and Beyoncé about to star. The film languished in the hell of development for several years with several actors, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Will Smith and Tom Cruise, came to co-star. In March of 2016, Cooper joined to star in and make his directorial debut, and Lady Gaga joined the cast in August 2016. Principal photography began at the Coachella music festival in April 2017.

A Star Is Born premiered at the 75th Venice International Film Festival on August 31, 2018 and is scheduled to premiere in the United States on October 5, 2018,
Experienced musician Jackson Maine discovers, and falls in love with, the struggling artist Ally. She has almost given up her dream of succeeding as a singer until Jackson coaxes her into the public eye. But even when Ally’s career takes off, the personal side of their relationship falls apart, while Jackson struggles in a continuous battle with his own inner demons.

Initial release: October 4, 2018 (Germany)

Director: Bradley Cooper

Adapted from: A Star Is Born

Screenplay: Bradley Cooper, Eric Roth

Production companies: Warner Bros., Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Peters Entertainment, Live Nation Productions, LLC

A Star Is Born (2018) online news

The premiere of ‘A Star Is Born’ by Lady Gaga is hit by technical difficulties after lightning

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The world premiere of ‘A Star Is Born’ was hit by technical difficulties on Friday (August 31) after the theater showing the film was struck by lightning.

Starring Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, who also makes his directorial debut with the film, the premiere was underway in the Venice Grand Ballroom when the lightning struck. In the middle of the projection, the film stopped for fifteen minutes after a light bulb exploded from the projector.
During the 15-minute blackout, Lady Gaga laughed and blew kisses to the audience as technicians worked to restore the film. On social networks, the audience at the premiere captured the moment:

At the press conference that day, Lady Gaga talked more about the film, which is a new version of a 1937 film of the same name.


Lady Gaga cast of A Star Is Born
Lady Gaga

She said: “It’s a story about love and about what Bradley calls the human situation of addiction, it was an extraordinary experience for me.”

Meanwhile, the film has received universal acclaim from critics, with Gaga’s performance widely praised and the film hailed as “an instant classic.”

Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian gave the movie five stars and said: “Cooper directs and co-stars in this scandalously observable and colossally enjoyable version, overloaded with pure melodrama dilithium crystals, appearing in front of a sensationally good Lady Gaga, whose ability to be part of the common people, part of the empress of extraterrestrial celebrities works at the highest level at all times. ”

On the other hand, Leah Greenblatt of Entertainment Weekly praised Gaga’s “transformation of serious actresses”, saying that “she certainly deserves praise for her moderate performance on a human scale as a singer whose vulnerability as a real girl is miles away from the dazzling delirium of flesh dress of his own character from the stage. ”

  • Lady Gaga is praised for her performance in Bradley Cooper’s remake of the Hollywood musical A Star Is Born.
  • Cooper made his directorial debut with the film and also acts alongside Gaga as the alcoholic country rock star Jackson Maine, who discovers the singer Ally singing in a bar.
  • Since the film made its debut at the Venice Film Festival, critics have been delirious about the chemistry between Cooper and Gaga, the direction of Cooper and the way the story has been told again.
  • Variety called the film “dazzling” and said “saying [that] you do a good job [of directing] would underestimate your achievement.
  • “As a film director, Bradley Cooper climbs on high, staging scenes that take their time and play with a disheveled intimacy that does not have the usual” heartbeats. “The new Star Is Born is a total emotional knockout, but also what it’s a movie that makes you believe, in every step, in the complicated outburst of the story you’re saying. “
  • A star is born, Venice Film Festival, opinion: a new unnecessary version
    The Guardian awarded the film with five stars and said: “Cooper directs and co-stars in this scandalously enjoyable and colossally enjoyable new version, overloaded with dilithium crystals of pure melodrama.
  • “She appears in front of a sensationally good Lady Gaga, whose ability to be part of an ordinary person, part of the extraterrestrial celebrity empress works at the highest level at all times.”
  • The Hollywood Reporter said: “There is freshness in the narrative shorthand of these scenes, as in Ally’s navigation of Jack’s excesses, on the one hand giving her space and on the other letting her know that she will not follow him.
  •  his problems are aggravated by a bitter split between his much older brother and administrator, Bobby (Sam Elliott, who brings his usual degraded integrity), and the deterioration of a long-standing hearing impairment. “
  • The Evening Standard gave four stars to the film and commented: “Cooper has managed to give this dinosaur a new life in a movie, this is A Star Is Born re-done for the age of the talent show, it would never be subtle.”
Bradley Cooper cast of A Star Is Born
Bradley Cooper
  • Among the less enthusiastic reviews is The Independent’s, with the critic Geoffrey Macnab giving three stars to the film and writing: “The filmmakers capture the rawness and excitement of the live concerts, as well as the price they cost Jackson.
  • audition is underway, a seemingly realistic recreation of an awards show in which Jackson dishonors himself and an unbearable scene in a tribute to Roy Orbison that he can not play in. However, it is perverse to put the film in the world of country rock.
  • He added: “Surely it would have made much more sense to have tried this version of A Star Is Born to be more urban and contemporary, and to have given Lady Gaga the opportunity to dress up and provoke us a little more.”
  • A Star Is Born is scheduled for release on October 5.

A star is born It’s that thing we always crave, but we rarely see: a transcendent Hollywood movie. It is the fourth remake of a story that dates back to 1932, but it has its own appearance and vibration: enthusiastic and unconscious, but also delicate, intimate and luminous. It is set in the present, but in spirit it is a sophisticated retro drama of the 70s built around the strange flow of feelings that develops between the two stars of the film: Bradley Cooper, who plays Jackson Maine, a strong drinker, evil. Southern rock boy who still remains a popular attraction but who has lost lust for what he is doing, and Lady Gaga, in her irresistible and accomplished debut film star, like Ally, a naive and fresh singer-songwriter who becomes in his lover and fellow scene before launching on his own to the new pop stratosphere.

She takes off while slowly blocking herself: that is the tragic and soapy concept of “Star Is Born”. But what the movie does is take this fabulous melodramatic romantic swing and turn it into something indelibly sincere and revealing. Cooper directed the film himself, working from a script he co-wrote with Eric Roth and Will Fetters, and saying that doing a good job would be underestimating his achievement. As a film director, Bradley Cooper climbs the tightrope, staging scenes that take time and play with a disheveled intimacy that does not have the usual “beats”. The new “Star Is Born” is a total emotional knockout, but it is also a movie that makes you believe, in each step, in the complicated outburst of the story you are telling.


Sam Elliott cast of A Star Is Born
Sam Elliott

The 1976 version, starring Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson, had some terrible love songs, but they did not belong anywhere near the rock stadium stage, nor did Streisand, which is part of why the movie came out as ridiculous He seemed stranded, with a kind of sincere and cheesy ineptitude, between three worlds: the old Hollywood, the new Hollywood and the fantasy of the rock star of Barbra Streisand.

But from the moments of electrifying opening of the new version, in which Jackson, drunk and raw, with his brow burned by the sun and his sexy sensuality, takes the stage of a gigantic stadium and becomes a slow rocker who It sounds like “Victim of love” – ​​Eagles as did Allman Brothers, the film is tremendously authentic. That is not a minor achievement. Hollywood almost never succeeds in hammering the world of rock, but “A Star Is Born”, although it is a love story from beginning to end, is the most lived rock ‘n’ roll film since “Almost Famous”. And that absolute looks good, sounds good, feels that the likelihood prepares the stage for everything that follows.

Jackson, who seems to be around 40 years old, has lived long enough to now occupy a gray area between legend and nostalgia. It can still fill a stadium full of screaming fans, and their old hits have turned into classic rock chestnuts, but their sound and personality have long since escaped the spirit of the era. All his outlaw look, beard hat and rancher, the Kristofferson meets Skynyrd and the sizzle of drunken macho, mark him as a charismatic relic, and the great irony is this: what it is about and the sound is a time in which the rock ‘n’ roll strutted its “authenticity”, but now that it is outdated, the authenticity of Jackson is seen more than ever as a presumption of the show business, frozen in amber. It is a part that is playing, an image that is working, and fighting in secret, to stay alive. He has a ballad from the firm that says, “Maybe it’s time to let the old ways die”, and when he wrote it (a long time ago), he probably did not know he was talking about himself.

In the first of many jumps, the film jumps from its glory on the stage to Jackson slipping into the back of his car, tired and alone, grabbing the bottle of gin he has hidden there. He takes a drink, and Cooper, acting with his body, lets him feel how much Jackson (between sick coughs) needs the blood of that drink. It is in what he believes more than in the show that has just ended.

Dave Chappelle cast of A Star Is Born
Dave Chappelle

How do you play a drunkard? We know, of course, that the answer is not “play drunk,” but that Cooper not only avoids the usual slowness of the grout (although at key moments he also does a bit of that, and is powerful). He brings out something that I have rarely seen done in this exquisite way: he plays blitzed, very functional and in his element, his smile and reflections greased by liquor. Jackson speaks in a deep, low, deliberate southern grunt: a voice with real music, though one that allows him to taste all the alcohol in which he is marinated.

Needing another drink, he asks his driver to drop him off at the first available bar, which turns out to be an immersion on the road on drag-queen karaoke night.

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It’s not his scene, but he does not care. It’s the same celebrity wherever he goes, so he’s in the perfect state of mind when he takes the stage.



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